Investment Philosophy

Performance-Driven Investing.

Our experts constantly pursue the aim of sustainable, value-oriented assent management in our clients’ best interest. To this end, we offer individual solutions tailored to your situation and goals.

The main features of our investment strategies are the following:

  1. An attractive risk-/return profile
  2. A nearly market neutral strategy with continuous returns
  3. A systematic investment approach based on clear and proven indicators
  4. The developmentand application of propietary algorithms for an efficient asset-allocation
  5. A long-term investment horizon
  6. A low correlation with other asset classes

As an investment solution provider the goals of our clients always come first. Our solutions are highly individualized and tailored to the requirements ouf our investors. The portfolios are constantly monitored and actively managed by our experienced portfolio managers.

Our portfolio managers have more the 40 years of work experience in the derivatives and equity market. A long and successfil track record underpins the strength of our investment approach.

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The investment process underlying our portfolios is based on a system of defined indicators.

Immune against emotional or psychological distractions, the system reliably identifies attractive and less attractive asset classes using comprehensive analyses of available financial data and a disciplined selection methodology.

Based on relative evaluation, trend and mood factors as well as macro-economic variables, the system determines the volume of a position in these markets, resulting in an extremely well structured and documented investment process.

Consequently, the results as reflected in our asset allocation are no black box products. They deliver all the transparency and traceability our investors deserve.