Think independently, act self-responsibly.

From our very beginnings, it has been part of the core business of the FALCON Vermögensverwaltung AG to serve demanding private clients, family offices, as well as institutional investors. We see it as our obligation to provide our clients with the best possible advice and to yield sustainable returns.

All this is based on client relationships based on partnership and mutual trust, putting the personal and individual goals of our clients in the focus. We take the time to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs so we can attend them in the long run.

In our rapidly changing times, we stand for a kind of continuity that has become very rare in today’s banking environment. Our economic self-sufficiency enables us to act autonomously and uninfluenced by third parties.

The FALCON Vermögensverwaltung AG is a accredited financial service provider, licensed according to § 32 KWG (German banking law) to provide investment advisory services according to § 1, subsection 1a, sentence 2, No. 1a KWG; investment brokerage according to § 1, subsection 1a, sentence 2, No. 1 KWG; contract brokerage according to § 1, subsection 1a, sentence 2, No. 2 KWG; and portfolio management according to § 1, subsection 1a, sentence 2, No. 3 KWG.

We are committed to the code of honour of the Independent Asset Managers Association.


„In healthy competition with other market players, we set our own quality standards in terms of individual services, specialist expertise and value-based action.“

Roger  Krüger ~ Member of the Board

Founding Partner of the FALCON INVESTMENT Group



In everything we do, we put the individual in the focus. Trust is based on continuity and requires utmost confidentiality. For us, this is a matter of course.

We do everything to obtain the best possible solution for you and your property. To this end, we place great value on the personal commitment as well as the continued training and development of our employees.

We see ourselves as independent advisors to our clients, with whom we share the common goal of property growth.

We take the traditional values of honesty and reliability extremely seriously. In our daily business, we watch out for our mutual rights and duties. Our standards exceed legal and regulatory requirements.

We only do what we understand. To us, professionalism means to strictly focus on our core competencies of asset management and complex financial planning. In doing so, we never work in a silo but closely collaborate, on a regular basis, with our clients’ other service providers such as tax consultants, lawyers and notaries.


„The collabation within the company is shaped by team spirit, motivation and promotion of personal strengths. It is a pleasure to be part of the team.“

Dirk Roemer

Assistant to the Management



In our quest for client relationships based on true partnership, we want to be measured by the continuity in our consulting and financial services. In the daily business, two issues are particularly important to us:

Personal contacts:
All our clients know their contacts within our company by name – both for matters of investment strategy and execution. In this, we rely on personnel continuity and long-term personal relationships. We do not have a hotline. Consequently, our clients can get in touch directly and have all arising questions settled on the spot. Our experts are the capital that earns our clients’ long-term trust.

Short decision-making processes:
We are a medium-sized business with the ability to comprehend and fulfil our clients’ wishes quickly. Short decision-making processes free of departmental borders enable us to share information directly and to instantly develop tailor-made solutions.



You can feel safe. Your assets will remain at your disposal at all times. We will under no circumstances claim property of the assets we manage.

By promptly providing you with all relevant statements and reports, the depository bank ensures timely transparency of all transactions.

Our internal risk management subjects our clients’ portfolios to regular stress tests. Moreover, our portfolio managers look back on long-standing experience backed by an exceptional professional education. The management mandate of your assets entrusted to us is not subject to a fixed term and can be terminated by you at any time.

You can count on us:
  • We are committed to banking secrecy and absolute discretion.
  • We are related to the compensatory fund of securities trading companies (EdW).
  • As a licensed asset management institute, we are supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the German Federal Bank.
  • All our partner banks are members of the deposit guarantee fund of German banks.