Asset Management

We act to perform.

To us, performance-orientation means that our asset managers will only act on an investment idea if there is a realistic chance of exceeding the agreed benchmark or target return, placing it in the top quintile or the respective peer group.

We deduct our asset allocation from pre-defined, methodical indicators.
It is essential that in making investment decisions, we are not answerable to institutions or sales organisations but are free to solely act in our clients’ best interest.

Another important factor is, in our view, our mental independence. It enables us to never uncritically follow accepted opinions or academic approaches – in particular, to never make predictions about the future based on past experiences only.

Strong performance

„In my domain of responsibility, the mission is to constantly develop and advance innovative products and services that allow us to yield maximum results in the global financial markets for our investors and partners.“

Phillip  Bacher

Portfolio-/Asset Management

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A methodical Procedure

The investment process underlying our portfolios is based on a system of defined indicators.

Immune against emotional or psychological distractions, the system reliably identifies attractive and less attractive asset classes using comprehensive analyses of available financial data and a disciplined selection methodology.

Based on relative evaluation, trend and mood factors as well as macro-economic variables, the system determines the volume of a position in these markets, resulting in an extremely well structured and documented investment process.

Consequently, the results as reflected in our asset allocation are no black box products. They deliver all the transparency and traceability our investors deserve.