Think Independently – Act Autonomously.

We are an independent and licensed asset manager that specializes on alternative investment solutions. Our goal is to provide sustainable results for our clients, especially in the current challenging environment of low interest rates.

The FALCON Vermögensverwaltung AG was established as a medium-sized owner-managed enterprise. Today it belongs to the Falcon Investment Group. Our economic self-sufficiency, built over years, is very important to us. It enables us to think and act independently. Our guiding principle is to assume responsibility – delivering competence and transparency to our clients.

The FALCON Vermögensverwaltung AG is a accredited financial service provider, licensed according to § 32 KWG (German banking law) to provide investment advisory services according to § 1, subsection 1a, sentence 2, No. 1a KWG; investment brokerage according to § 1, subsection 1a, sentence 2, No. 1 KWG; contract brokerage according to § 1, subsection 1a, sentence 2, No. 2 KWG; and portfolio management according to § 1, subsection 1a, sentence 2, No. 3 KWG.

We are committed to the code of honour of the Independent Asset Managers Association.


„In healthy competition with other market players, we set our own quality standards in terms of individual services, specialist expertise and value-based action.“

Roger  Krüger ~ Member of the Board

Founding Partner of the FALCON INVESTMENT Group

Our Mission

Creating sustainable value for our investors


Open and transparent communication with our investors


Consistent, straight-forward and rule-based investment strategy


Long-term and sustainable results for our investors based on adequate return-/risk profiles


Trusted and proven investment strategies


Industry experts with extensive experience and active Asset Management


Short-term availability of liquidity combined with a long-term investment horizon


We are committed to banking secrecy and absolute discretion.
We are related to the compensatory fund of securities trading companies (EdW).
As a licensed asset management institute, we are supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the German Federal Bank.
All our partner banks are members of the deposit guarantee fund of German banks.


„As a member of the supervisory board, I am in permanent dialogue with the management to reassess the risks and develop appropriate safeguards.“

Markus Gurlitt ~ Member of the Supervisory Board

Founding Partner of the FALCON INVESTMENT Group



At FALCON, we have people with extremely diverse personalities. However, when it comes to business experience and passion for investment, they are all quite similar. With their talent and skills, they create sustainable value added. Whether its about derivatives, certificates, funds or any other type of investment:
Our mode of operation is distinguished by openness to new ideas, transparency, passion, strong team spirit and flat hierarchies. Our innovative concepts result from a culture of constant and creative dialogue. We work in interdisciplinary teams on ever-individual solutions.